Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rebecca Rule reading as THE WOMAN

The indomitable and fun Rebecca Rule has agreed to tackle the challenging role as THE WOMAN, the female oppressor in the play, one of two oppressors written into the piece by Playwright Ariel Dorfman (the other--THE MAN--will be read by Actor Richard Backus).

Rebecca's good-natured attitude and commanding voice talents made her, if not a natural choice for the role, a gratifying fit for the formidable character. While Alec Baldwin has read both oppressor roles as the sole villain, Rebecca may be the first female actor to agree to read as THE WOMAN; we are pleased to present her in this intriguing role in the New Hampshire Premiere Reading of Speak Truth to Power.

About Rebecca Rule:

Rebecca gathers and tells stories in New England. Her books include The Best Revenge: Short Stories; Could Have Been Worse: True Stories, Embellishments, and Outright Lies; and Live Free and Eat Pie: A Storyteller’s Guide to New Hampshire.

You can always catch up with Rebecca and hear about her adventures through her blog, Travels With Becky, and via her website. She also hosts the NH Authors Series on NHPTV.

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