Thursday, October 15, 2009

In Honor of Jayme Anne Lipkin-Moore

Our "Speak Truth to Power" show occurs on Jayme Anne Lipkin-Moore's birthday; we are pleased to be able to honor her vision with a show she would have been proud to have founded.

"In April of 2002, the world lost a young visionary.

"Jayme Anne Lipkin-Moore was determined to make a difference in the world. The gifted 17-year-old turned her enormous creative and intellectual talents towards socially-conscious causes. She challenged everyone she knew – both young and old – to join her as she sought to improve education, advance human rights, promote tolerance, encourage diversity and protect the environment.

"Jayme's Fund for Social Justice honors Jayme's life and vision.

"Funds raised support initiatives that promote education, tolerance and human rights. Annual grants are awarded to charitable nonprofit organizations that positively affect the lives of others. Additionally, Jayme's Fund specifically encourages young people to get involved with social concerns through its grant of yearly scholarships and other support.

"Jayme's Fund for Social Justice is a legacy of hope and opportunity, destined to make a significant impact in the lives of others."

(Text & images from Jayme's Fund for Social Justice website.)

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  1. This is wonderful that the show was on the day of Jayme's birthday - what a fabulous way to celebrate her life and legacy! I hope the show went smoothly!!! Congratulations on being able to organize this production! That's an achievment in and of itself! :)