Sunday, October 4, 2009

Meet Our Stage Manager & the Echoes

STAGE MANAGER: Sharon Romeyko

Trained as a dancer, Sharon Romeyko taught for the Joffrey Ballet School, has choreographed for members of the American Ballet Theater, and has choreographed and conducted workshops throughout Europe and South America. One of her classes was photographed by Annie Liebovitz for The New Yorker. She also has numerous performances to her credit, from the Florida Ballet to Camelot with Richard Harris. Her stage-managing credits include New York City's Symphony Space. She currently lives in New Boston with her actor husband, Richard Backus who is reading as THE MAN in our “Speak Truth to Power” production.

  • Rooa Abdelrahim is a Breakthrough Jayme’s Scholar and junior at Manchester West High School who is also ushering for the evening.
  • Maria Cerventas is a Breakthrough Jayme’s Scholar and a sophomore at Manchester Memorial High School.
  • James Guerrero (deSoL) – Vocals/Percussion – performs passionately using many types of percussion. He incorporates rhythms and vocal styles that are fusions of his Mexican heritage and Hip-Hop & Rock influences from his Queens, NY, and neighborhood. His on-stage antics are a show highlight.
  • Chris Guice (deSoL) – Vocals/Bass Guitar – has a love of pop music & culture, knowledge of many musical styles and a strong melodic, rhythmic and arranging sense that helps bind the American and Latin elements of the band.
  • Andy Letke (deSoL) – Vocals/Piano/Organ - Andy’s background in Classical and Jazz piano and talent for music composition and arranging is an integral part of deSoL’s sound. A natural diplomat, Andy uses his magic beard to quell conflicts.
  • Chris Stone (deSoL) – Drums/rhythm – A true child of classic rock, Stone has been playing the drums since age three. His powerful, passionate style is the anchor of the deSoL rhythm section.
  • Dori Erickson (deSoL) – Back-up Vocals – A choreographer and director who is highly trained in Jazz and R.A.D. ballet, Dori works in many levels of concert/event production and as a talent adjudicator for Starbound National Talent.
  • Deseree Spinks (deSoL) – Back-up Vocals – has adored music since she was a child. A self-taught pianist, guitarist, and bassist who then studied music in college, she is the vocal director at the Monmouth County chapter of the School of Rock.
  • Jimmy Farkas (deSoL) - Guitar - A lifelong musician with a gift for getting the crowd going, he has spent years mastering his craft, in Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Hip Hop, R&B, Latin and Avant-Garde. New to the group, Jimmy looks forward to bringing the groove to audiences everywhere with the infectious sounds of deSoL….

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